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  • June 1, 2017

Simple Do’s for Healthy Skin

Looking good goes beyond dressing well, it also requires obeying the simple laws of healthy skin care. If the world was perfect, you wouldn’t need to worry about the type of face cleanser to use. In such Utopian environment, washing with just water would guarantee clear and healthy skin. I’m sorry, it’s not a perfect world baby. The plain truth is that we are constantly exposed to harsh elements that can ruin our skin. More so, we all don’t have the same type of skin and so, in choosing a facial cleanser, it is not a case of one type fits all. The secret to finding that one facial cleanser that works for you is in understanding the exact skin type you have. So here is an interesting guide to healthy face care:

Oily skin: Your skin has visible pores that release more oil than necessary. This results to clogged pores and oily shine around your nose and forehead.

What you need: Bello Men’s Face Cleanser.
This mild cleanser washes away sweat, grime and toxins before it settles into pores. The water soluble ingredients retain natural face oils to keep your face feeling fresh and healthy.

Dry Skin: Your skin is often flaky and dry and finds it difficult hydrating due to its lack of enough water and oil. Winter is always a nightmare for people with such skin type.

What you need: Bello Men’s Hydro-moisturizer
Cardio induced activities and outdoor elements leave skin dehydrated. This light weight, fast absorbing Men’s Hydro-Moisturizer restores skin’s hydration & lost nutrients quicker to keep your face looking energized & firm. It does exactly what it says on the tube, refreshes and awakens.

Sensitive Skin: Just like the name sensitive, this skin type reacts to almost everything. It’s prone to irritation and requires reasonable level of caution to achieve proper face grooming.

What you need: Bello Men’s Walnut Exfoliate
This walnut scrub removes dead skin cells for a natural rejuvenated look. The rich Vitamin E formula calms shaving redness for a comfortable razor glide, making it suitable for the most sensitive skin. It helps prevent in-grown hairs by clearing pores.