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  • June 7, 2017

An Eco-Friendly Father’s Day gift

It’s in the air, you can feel it, you can see it. Sincerely, unlike past celebrations, this is a most special day that requires a really cool gift for dad. You cannot give him one of those cliché Father’s Day gifts: a tie. Not like he has overgrown that. No one does. He deserves way better than that. Why not go for that which he is too busy to get for himself? Invigorating, high performance, eco-friendly skincare — a Father’s Day gift that will go a long way.

Sunscreen— With the current season going tough on skins, it is only fair that Dads take extra care of their skin to reduce their risk of skin cancer. Look for a physical mineral blocker which includes UVA/UVB protection.

Exfoliate – revitalize skin routines with a natural walnut exfoliate to scrub away dirt and stimulate cell renewal—and the rich vitamin E helps calm shaving redness and irritation.

Moisturizer– feel firmer and confident with a moisturizer that’s vitamin enriched to rehydrate skin’s nutrients and heals dry skin from outdoor elements with infused kukui nut oil.

Dads are often too busy to initiate lifestyle changes. Natural eco-friendly skincare will kick start healthy routine habits.