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  • December 5, 2017

ActiveStyle Men’s Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas


Getting ready for a hiking, backpacking or a rock climbing get a way? The personal water filter from LifeStraw turns contaminated water into safe drinking water and it provides five times more filtration than the EPA standard. It’s a perfect lightweight stash of less than 2 ounce that’s 9 inches long by 1 inch in diameter. The LifeStraw filters over 264 gallons of water making water management easier for outdoor lifestyles. What a better way to stay hydrated.


Get ready—set–  go–  with balega  socks. These socks made with the highest quality yarn and crafted for superior fit have unmatched comfort making outdoor sports or backpacking easier on your feet. Balega’s seamless socks all have ventilation panels to aid in cooling and wicking for long sport days providing your feet with the optimum healthy foot environment.


Gymrats and active men who take long power walks just to keep fit and healthy definitely need the Sound Whiz Turbo Wireless Running Headphones. Wireless headphones is like the name suggests– because there is no hassles when trying to untangle yourself from annoying wires while treadmilling or doing your fast power walks. This lifestyle audio brand also has superior Bluetooth and was awarded Amazon’s best seller badge.


Travelling with only the essentials and complying with TSA regulations is a necessary part of the packing process. BelloMen carry on grooming products refresh and rehydrates skin’s nutrients so men can look and feel their best en route. For extended travel choose BelloMen’s ease-port TSA-approved tubes. For an overnight, stash the single packet favorite.