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  • December 18, 2017

Men’s Gifts That Give Back

Holiday spending is expected to exceed $1 trillion this year according to consulting firm Deloitte. With all that spending, think of gifts that give back and help around the world or even in your own backyard. Here are our top favorites of affordable gifts that give back and help make a difference.


You know how people skim off your card and commit a lot of offences with it? The Navy Seal Aluminum Wallet from The Ridge has got you covered from digital thieves. Instead of the hassles of keeping it in your back pocket–making it an easy target for finger smiths, this wallet is designed to stay in your front pocket making it accessible for better ease of use. The official Navy-Blue version of the Ridge wallet is specifically designed to block RFID-skimming devices. It holds up to 12 cards and has a cash clip. 10% of sales goes back to the Navy Seal Foundation, an organization that provides immediate and ongoing support to veterans and their families. How cool is that!

(Code) Word Hats

This holiday season support local. Give fashionable caps from (code) word hats. Choose from over 30 area codes and give back to your community. 30% of the proceeds support local area hospitals. In addition, special hurricane relief caps featuring “TEX”and “FLA” are available in 2 styles, grey and camo. These hat proceeds go to local food banks helping hurricane victim families.


Over a third of the world’s population will own a smart phone by 2018.  That’s an estimated 2.53 billion smartphone users. Now’s your chance to participate on earth day– every day.  Go green with Pela, a 100% compostable iphone/android case that’s durable and lightweight. Made of flax straw, recycled and biodegradable materials, the PELA case is sturdy enough to protect your phone from scratches yet extremely eco-friendly. Anytime you buy a PELA case, 1% of the proceeds go to environmental nonprofit groups.


There is nothing that touches the heartstrings as fighting for equal rights, world peace and the rights of women and children. Sean D. Carasso founder of falling WHISTLES coined the name when visiting Congo, a country ravaged with civil war and social unrest. Sean found that children who can barely think for themselves were forced into battle with nothing other than a mere whistle that they had to blow when they see the enemy– thus making them the first line of defense and leaving themselves open to multiple bullet wounds. Support the campaign for peace. Whistles come in gunmetal, bronze, brass, black and copper.