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  • January 14, 2018

Snow Sport Action

Snow Kiting

Blend vertical action, jumps and hangtime to a faster and higher sport dimension. Snow kiting redefines the winter freestyle sport.  Click into skis or snow shoes, loft a parachute and harness the wind taking freestyle to a new adrenaline experience.  No lift hassle just open terrain.  Start out on a lake, farm, park or treeless mountain or push your experience with endurance racing, cliff jumping or back country expeditions.  Southwest, Northern New England, Michigan and Minnesota are popular hot spots that offer lessons and rental gear. Or pack up your own gear. Foil kites are the most popular since they pack small, fit into a back pack, have an easy set up and can’t be easily damaged when the kite slams the ground. Wind range effects this kite’s power so for another kite option look into inflatable kites. Looking for new, used or closeout kite or gear options to start off with or want to fuel your progression? View these webstores. Kiteboardingcloseouts, Kitemare KiteLine, Live Well Sports, Shadeonme, Force.

Snow Kayaking

Up your adventure with one of the latest extreme sport – snow kayaking. If you’re up to launching yourself into snowy banks and bumps and want to feel the nerve rush – wax your kayak and up your adrenaline game for snow kayaking fun. Interested in competition? Monarch Mountain in Colorado will host their 11th annual Kayaks on the snow race on April 7th. Looking for a family fun Kayak race? Crystal Mountain in Michigan will host Celts & Kayaks on St. Patrick’s weekend, March 16-17.

Ski Biking

Looking for something less adventurous but exhilarating? Fuse a bicycle with a pair of skis and experience ski biking. Ski biking has less impact on the knees and is another exciting way to conquer the slopes. All you need is a lift, ski boots, skis and a bike frame – and you’re ready to go. Popular ski resorts around the country offer lessons and rentals. And for nighttime excursions, check out the Colorado hot spots for the ultimate night ski biking experience at Vail Mountain and Winter Park Resort.